Dr Ingrid Arden
Restorative Dentistry


Dr. Ingrid Arden practices restorative dentistry at her San Francisco office in West Portal.  She has an established practice of over 8 years and a loyal patient base.  Dr. Arden takes the time to understand the individual treatment tailored to each patientís needs and works towards developing a relationship of trust and respect that eases the way to successful dental treatment.  More about Dr. Ingrid Arden.


 Dr. Arden performs all modern, basic and cosmetic services from tooth extraction to cosmetic veneers.  She works with each patient to develop a sensible treatment plan for the maintenance of healthy and attractive teeth.  More about Dental Services.

Many people are apprehensive about dental work.  Dr. Arden hopes to ease those fears with knowledge and understanding by providing direct and honest answers to questions.   More about common Questions and Answers.

Dr. Arden can be contacted by email or phone.   More about contacting Dr. Arden.

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